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Rental Information & Requirements

At Waveland Property Services, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers’ personal information. You have chosen to do business with us, and we think your trust in us is fundamental to our continuing business relationship. We recognize our obligation to keep the information you provide to us secure and confidential. Our commitment to our customers is to respect and meet their privacy expectations.

​We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information about our customers or former customers to anyone except as permitted by law.

Guidelines For Residential Property Credit Reporting & Leasing

(All applicants must meet income and Landlord guidelines for occupancy).

Applicant must have good landlord references, unless applicant has just sold his or her home. 

All homes are available to occupants with children and also the physically disabled. 

No home can house more than 2 persons per available bedroom in the home. Example: 3 Bedroom has a max head count of 6 people, but ownership has the right to limit total persons to numbers below this to prevent wear and tear to property.

Our application is FREE, and it may require a credit inquiry. This is a true credit request, so it could mildly affect applicants' credit score for a short period.  Only two applicants' combined income are required to meet the income requirement. Applicants must be 18 years old to qualify. Persons retired and living with a qualifying relative do not have to meet guidelines, but must complete an application. Physically disabled and children under age 18 living with an immediate parent don’t have to qualify.

Income should be 3 times the amount of the rent of the property they are trying to rent. Unemployment is not considered for qualifying, but other forms of income such as disability and social security may be considered.

The application must be signed (physically or digitally for online application). We can hold a property for an approved applicant on most properties for up to 35 days with a deposit. (Tenant will forfeit deposit as lost rent if move-in does not occur)

Negative credit does not disqualify applicant, but may result in request by property manager for larger deposit or other agreement. Good landlord history is highly desired.


The tenant’s security deposit will not be refunded unless the tenant completes the term of the lease, property is returned to rentable condition, and meets all other conditions of the lease. This includes tenant transfers.


Most of our homes are pet friendly, and usually require a one-time $200 pet fee per animal.

Pets may be allowed if occupant is physically or psychologically impaired. Occupant must furnish a medical letter stating that occupant must have medically prescribed assistance or companion service animal. Emotional Support animals are not enforceable by law in SC, and will require a pet deposit, if a pet is being permitted.

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