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Thinking of Incorporating Real Estate into your Investment Portfolio?

We work well with others!

We currently have two areas that we are working with investors on.

  • Locating properties in desired rental areas that we can service in our rental home population and rent long-term.

  • Investor partnerships with homes to purchase, rehab, and resell through our brokerage which pays a flat interest

       income of 8%-12% on money lent by our investor at the sale of the home.


One is a process of purchasing and holding for longer terms as a rental, and the other is a means of constantly earning income on money that would otherwise be earning low returns or being risked in the volatile stock exchange. 


What is needed for each:



Purchase of long-term rental:


Our home market in Greenville/Spartanburg is moving at above average pace and does make finding good investments a little more difficult.  Most of what we find for our investors is in need of some rehab and mild remodeling.  Waveland PS is a licensed builder/contractor, so we can do these repairs far cheaper and with more controlled costs.

We will find the home, provide an estimate of repairs to get it in rent-ready condition and then give you estimates of expected rents, taxes, and expenses to give you an expected monthly return on that investment home.   These homes will have instant equity the moment you purchase them as well, so you can always resell if you want to move to another property. We pick homes that we want to add to our available rental home inventory, so we are only going to recommend properties that will be a success.  Since we will handle them, we need them to be a success versus another real estate agent that just sells you a home and then moves on.  We are part of your long-term process, so we must look out for your interest at a much higher level than any other sales agent.



Investor Partnership Sales:


We are always looking for extra lending partners for some of Waveland’s yearly rehab and resell properties.  We are constantly acquiring properties that are perfect for remodeling or modernizing that will be great candidates for resale through our brokerage.  For these, we are always willing to work with our investors and share the wealth of our home discoveries.  This works quite simply.


Any investment contribution you make will net you a return of your money plus 8%-12% return at the sale/closing of the home from our transaction. So if you put $100,000 into a home, then after we remodel and sell the home, you will get a check for $112,000. This usually is within 90-120 days.  There is no work for our investors to do, they just sit back and wait for their income to come in.  This same amount in a traditional savings account would net about $480 for this time period, and the other option is the stock market which is so volatile at this time, that the risk makes it hard to sleep at night.


The home would be purchased in Waveland Property Services name, so we can pull any permits needed, and the house would have a lien, for $112,000, put on it at the purchase closing in your name.  This way, the only way it can be sold, is for the lien to be paid at closing.  Just added protection for our investors' piece of mind.



We are constantly looking for new investors and constantly out on the road looking for prospective homes, so let me know if you have any questions or may be interested.

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