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We will sell your home quicker and for more value....

We know the Upstate of SC

We accumulate 40,000 miles yearly, driving around the Upstate of South Carolina, and we have a constant pulse on what areas, subdivisions, school districts, and coming attractions can affect what your home is going to sell for. This info is available to you when we get the opportunity to work together.

Get what no one else can offer

No other Real Estate Agency has access to the knowledge of a Residential Builder, a licensed Home Inspector, as well as 15 years of real estate experience in the Upstate. Why is this valuable? Not only will you get professional real estate service with the best negotiating skills in the area, but you also will be advised on what items will be requested on your home inspection, and what major items need to be taken care of before we list your home. This prevents the major surprises and over-inflated costs of last minute repairs requested in a short window before closing. Sellers can lose thousands of unnecessary dollars from their closing proceeds without Waveland Property Services & Realty on their side. 

We work with a small client group, so you get all our attention

When you have a listing with Waveland Property Services & Realty, you are part of a small number of active listings. We never carry more than 7 listings per agent. In the Real Estate industry, you are taught to accumulate as many listings as possible for maximum sales results. A "good" agent will carry 40 listings or more at any given time. We are not interested in being good at assuming listings, but instead, available to our clients at all times, which will make you feel "Great" about our relationship and final results. Those final results will be your home sold at maximum value, in a timely manner,  and with no surprises to you.

Contact us, at any time, for a no cost property evaluation.

We will give you a realistic summary of what your listing price should be, and share with you our knowledge of  what improvements or repairs will help increase your final sales price. We look foward to speaking with you!

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